Kalle Gustafsson

Kalle Gustafsson also known by his first name Kalle is a renowned photographer from Sweden. He is popular in the world for being the musical member of musical band The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Kalle Gustafsson was from the middle class family born in Scania, Sweden to parents of Swedish descent. He is a tall guy and he is also in average weight. There is no information about his educational background.

Kalle Gustafsson personal information like his love affairs, his girlfriend, and his married life and also about his children is unknown. It seems like he is married but there is no any true information about this too. Kalle Gustafsson has already established himself as a renowned fashion photographer all around the world; this one is his desire since his childhood days. His photography is mainly romantic which is very natural it is not mixed with any external belongings. It seems like he is also a great musician and he was also the member of The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

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