Douglas Reeves

This is Paul. An elderly gentleman living in London. I met him outside my local cafe, trying to sell his old portable transistor radio. He tells me he’s 70 years old, going blind and deaf, and living on a state pension. Previously a musician and a poet who’d been homeless in the 1980’s but is now living in a flat provided by one of the local housing associations.

Douglas Reeves, Photographer says in his Instagram page:

“Whoever, Wherever, Whenever, Whatever” London based photography, taken and edited on iPhone only

Jennifer Roper

Beautiful family photos! How sweet is the grandmother with her grandson.

This is how Jennifer Roper talks about her work:

I am consistently asked to describe my approach to photography. It is not a coincidence that these words also describe myself as a person. Relaxed, Modern and Candid. I go into much greater detail on my blog so instead of repeating that info here is 9 random things about myself both professional and personal

1. I live in Silverlake, but have lived in a short time Prague and really want to live in Paris

2. I watch a lot of trashy, embarassing TV while I edit photos

3. I started wanting to be an artist by drawing Snoopy and graduated from art school, Otis Art Instutute to be exact

4. I will travel pretty much anywhere, any time, any chance I get.

5. I am not a perfectionist because I love imperfections

6. Toasts and 1st dances are some of my favorite moments of a wedding to see and shoot

7. I love gourmet meals just as much as I love carnival food and food stalls

8. I have a crazy daughter named Romy and her photo is on this site a few times

9. I always travel with a petanque game .. just in case

9.5. I hate getting my photo taken

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