Lee Towndrow

Senior Visual Effects Artist at The Mill.

I started out as a designer making album covers. I was moved by Cunningham’s All is Full of Love to learn Flame and quickly became a lead artist with a roster of clients. After a number of years running sessions in the suite, I set out to broaden my mastery of the image in the physical world. I worked in Buenos Aires on fine art installations, and became an award-winning photographer (TIME Magazine, Fast Company) and a cinematographer (HBO’s Going Clear, Ivory Tower). I refined my eye for lighting, composition and story. Excited by the rapid developments in CG, I expanded my skills in Nuke and Virtual Reality.

Since moving to New York City in 2010, I have worked with such fine studios as The Mill, Artjail, MPC, and Method Studios, both as a Visual Effects Supervisor and Senior Compositor. I love to solve difficult technical problems and make beautiful pictures with smart clients.

See more: leetowndrow.com