Yuri Yasuda

Originally from Japan, Yuri Yasuda is a portrait photographer with an impressive portfolio and curriculum.

His character is quite enigmatic, he often denies the spotlight. This eclectic and rather mysterious environment is an important factor in many of his works. While many professional portrait photographers try to create a specific idea, somehow specific to portraying the spirit of their object, Yasuda strives to become a part of his own work. In a way, the viewer is able to understand a part of the artist within these photographs. Colors and unmistakable angles of Yasuda are part of this energy that is present within the images.

Unlike his homeland, Yuri Yasuda’s work is affected by a very interesting and eye-catching contrast between old and new, traditional and modern, classic and high-tech. I think you can say that Yasuda is obviously very personally and emotionally present within his own work.

In addition, Yuri Yasuda is known for often adding a certain amount of surrealism to his photographs, in order to compensate for the art and other tools.

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